History of the Pro pulse Megatech Megapro T-100 and B100 Vintage Rc car truck buggies sold by RadioShack in 2006

Pro Pulse started around 2006-2007

The 4WD T100 Truck or buggy T100 – was sold by radio shack I remember buying was also sold as the Megatech Megapro MPRO-RCT Truck. 

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Sold as a Ready to Run, just ad batteries and GO!!!

Came with Hobby Grade electronics, it was very affordable when it came out, you could pick 1 up for under $100 

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The model is shaft driven on a molded plastic tub chassis, with adjustable ball differentials, coil spring over oil filled dampers, dogbone drive-shafts and ball bearings, metal drive shaft gave you 4wd power, with the battery tray easily accessible.

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Upgrades was available like full aluminum kit, body, wheels, dual motor setups with dual battery setup, it’s also similar to team associated rc18 buggy, some parts are interchangeable. 

This blue body is in stock at clodmodracing.com or visit our eBay at clodmodracing

Titanium Turnbuckles and Servo Saver Set (MTC73029)


Aluminum upgrades

Complete Aluminum Upgrade Kit (MTC73044)

Kit Includes:

(4) Aluminum Arms

(4) Aluminum Dogbones

(2) Aluminum Front Hub Carriers (2) Aluminum Steering Knuckles (2) Aluminum Rear Hubs

(2) Aluminum Shock Towers

(1) Aluminum Motor Mount

(1) Aluminum Battery Strap

The motor had some upgrade options 

The MegaPro MTC73022 High Speed Modified Motor upgrade has fewer turns than the stock motor, has more “no-load” RPM’s for faster but consistent response time and is an excellent choice for your first step into the modified motor racing category.

With the Twin Motor Conversion Kit MTC73035, you can experience increased acceleration and your hill-climbing torque improves greatly, which is particularly noticeable in rugged off-road conditions.

Pro pulse 4wd buggy with dual motor and batteries kit installed

Tighten or Loosen the Differential.

Another way you can adjust the handling of your Pro pulse Megatech MegaPro 4wd  1/18 Rc car is to tune your differential adjustment. All you need is a Allen key

Adjusting Chassis Ride Height

Adjust the ride height based on your tracks  surface. You do this by applying Adjust the height by applying different combinations of spacers.

You also had a few wheel options.

The ribbed tires (MTC73012 pre-mounted on rims or MTC73013 tires only). 

Or, if you are mostly racing on concrete or pavement, the slicks are definitely the best option (MTC73018 or MTC73019)

The electronics the esc had options similar to the tamiya clod buster switch 

Race and Street Mode

In order to race at many of your local tracks, you will need to change the driving mode on the transmitter and ESC.

The switch on the transmitter mechanically changes the back travel (or throw) of the throttle.

To change the setting on the ESC, you must use the ESC tool (screwdriver) to change the recessed S/R switch to R.

NOTE: “R” is Race mode with no reverse and “S” is Street mode which allows reverse.

In (S) mode push left with small screw driver esc in limited stock at clodmodracing.com

In (R) race mode switch to the right

Spur gear and pinon gear options 

Spur and Pinion Gear Adjustments are 

For more torque use your stock pinion gear and the 54T spur gear. 

Another option was to se the 15T pinion gear and 53T spur gear for best acceleration. 

With the MTC73038 Spur Gear and Pinion Gear upgrade kit, you can setup gear ratios using any combination of the 13, 14 or 15 tooth pinion gear and the 53 or 54 tooth spur gear.


Camber can be adjusted on all four wheels using the optional steering upgrade kit.


 When racing with others, you will need to operate on a different transmitting frequency . 

You can identify your frequency by looking at the transmitter frequency label

Need to down load pdf copy of propulse megatech megapro 1/18 scale 4wd vintage rc car parts owner manual get it Here

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