Maintaining and Cleaning RC Car Parts for Better Performance

Maintaining and Cleaning RC Car Parts for Better Performance

Like its real life counterparts, RC car parts require maintenance to keep in top shape. Whether you race RC cars or unleash them on the neighbor’s kids, maintaining your RC car parts will ensure years of trouble-free enjoyment.

First, clean the engine and chassis. Although the fuel used for nitro cars contain lubricants that protect the engine, not all of it burns off. The chassis remains covered in grease. To remove the gunk, use Simple Green or other degreasers. You can also use cleaners made specifically for Nitro RC car parts, such as Trinity and Megatech. Before you start cleaning the chassis, disconnect and remove the electronics and plug up the engine inlets. For better results, take the engine out. Spray the chassis with the cleaner and brush the gunk off. Dry with a shop towel and reinstall any RC car parts you removed.

RC car engines are very delicate and precision-engineered. You can extend your piston and sleeve replacement intervals by removing the glow plug when you are finished running your car. Manually rotate the crank until the piston reaches bottom dead center. Then, pop a few drops of oil into the chamber. To distribute the oil, rotate the crankshaft several times. The purpose of this exercise is to inhibit rust and keep any fuel residue from ruining the engine.

Glow plugs and glow drivers can be overlooked but are essential for starting the engine. Have some spare glow plugs with you wherever you take your car. Test the glow plug and driver to see if its batteries need recharging or replacing.

Ready-to-run RC cars usually come with a pull starter or electric starter. Clean and oil the one-way bearings in the starters every few weeks using a motor cleaning spray. When you remove the starter to clean it, make sure the spring doesn’t pop out of the recoil mechanism. Once you are finished oiling and cleaning the starter, reassemble it and test it. You should notice improved performance, especially if it has been a while since you last cleaned the starter.