Rc car glow plugs

Glow plugs are a crucial component in the ignition system of nitro-powered RC vehicles. They are responsible for igniting the air-fuel mixture within the engine’s combustion chamber. There are several types of glow plugs available, each designed to suit specific engine types and performance requirements. Here are some common types of RC glow plugs:

Standard Glow Plugs:

  1. Standard Hot Glow Plugs: Designed for general use in most nitro engines, standard hot glow plugs are suitable for moderate to warm operating conditions. They provide reliable ignition and are commonly used in many beginner-friendly engines.
  2. Standard Medium Glow Plugs: These glow plugs offer a balance between heat range and performance. They are suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures and are often used in engines with varying power outputs.
  3. Standard Cold Glow Plugs: Ideal for high-performance engines and cooler operating conditions, cold glow plugs are designed to prevent pre-ignition in high-compression or high-power nitro engines. They are often used in racing applications and modified engines.

Specialty Glow Plugs:

  1. Turbo Glow Plugs: Turbo glow plugs feature a unique design with a tapered seat that is compatible with turbo head engines. These plugs are designed to provide efficient combustion in engines with turbo heads, which are commonly found in high-performance racing engines.
  2. Four-Stroke Glow Plugs: Specifically designed for four-stroke nitro engines, these glow plugs are optimized for the longer compression and combustion cycles of four-stroke engines. They are available in various heat ranges to accommodate different operating conditions.
  3. Idle Bar Glow Plugs: Commonly used in engines with a rotary or “roto” carburetor, idle bar glow plugs feature a small protrusion, or “idle bar,” that helps improve idling stability and low-speed performance.

Iridium and Platinum Glow Plugs:

Some manufacturers offer glow plugs with iridium or platinum elements, which are known for their durability and consistent performance over time. These premium glow plugs are designed to provide longer service life and stable ignition characteristics.


When selecting a glow plug for an RC engine, it’s important to consider factors such as the engine’s displacement, operating temperature, power output, and intended use (e.g., sport, racing, or aerobatic flying for airplanes). Additionally, manufacturers often provide recommendations for compatible glow plugs based on specific engine models and performance requirements.

It’s essential to consult the engine’s manual or the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that the chosen glow plug is compatible with the engine and suitable for the operating conditions. Experimentation with different glow plugs may be necessary to achieve optimal performance in certain applications.

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