Reading RC Car Magazines

Reading RC Car Magazines

Radio Controlled cars are more popular than ever and this is evinced by the number of RC car magazines that are available on the market. While these magazines are similar, there are nevertheless subtle differences to be found between each magazine which, depending upon the reader may make a difference. Some of the more popular magazines of this genre and their main focus will be discussed here.

First, let’s discuss some of the traits that the better RC car magazines share. For one, not only must pictures of different models of vehicles be clear, but they must be high resolution, which is a sign of a qualitative magazine. Further, a substantial revue of most kits should be included. As well, a discussion about the latest models, parts and accessories should be a continual practice.

Three such RC car magazines are RC Car Action, RC Nitro, and RC Car Magazine. These are probably the most prominent and widespread periodicals of this field, and can generally be found anywhere in the United States and many other countries. This is, however, not to say that these are the only magazines in their field of note.
Some of the topics included are the use of interesting, varied topics within stories, reader’s responses, and technical advice. Further, cars are not the only models listed as there are so many other types of vehicles, including boats, tanks, and helicopters. Further, these magazines, while highly interesting for the long-time enthusiast, are also approachable to the RC newbie.

One aspect to this idea is that a person interested in the RC world can gain a working knowledge of the comings and goings of this hobby even before making an initial car purchase via the advice and help provided by RC car magazines. This is especially helpful if one proves to have had misconceptions about the sport prior to ever reading about it.

Some magazines, such as RC Nitro, specialize in their subjects. In the case of RC Nitro, the specific topic is gas powered RC vehicles (as opposed to electric). While this might seem picky, within every type of sports and hobby enthusiasts, there are strata that are defined, couple with pride and even some harmless elitism. This is an attitude that claims many people, particularly the longer they’ve been a participant in this sport and read about it in print.