Two Options to Get Started With RC Car Action

Two Options to Get Started With RC Car Action

One of the more thrilling and enjoyable hobbies in which one can partake is RC car action. For people who enjoy speed, competition, or just have a passion for cars and having fun, RC car action is a great activity to consider.

To get started in RC car action, head to your local hobby store and look for gas-powered or nitro radio-controlled cars. You will find a myriad of options from which to choose in all price ranges. You can purchase ready-to-run, or RTR, radio-controlled cars that are pre-built and can be raced right out of the box. For the more hands-on hobbyist, RC car action comes in do-it-yourself kits which allow you to build your own gas-powered or nitro car. Cars can run up to the $500 range for the high-end models. Manufacturers of some of the best radio-controlled cars include Losi, Kyosho, Associated, HPI, and Losi. If you have the need for speed, you definitely will not be disappointed – some of the top radio-controlled cars can top 70 miles per hour!

Like a real automobile, radio-controlled cars require a certain amount of ongoing maintenance. For example, you’ll need to fill up the car with gas or replace the batteries in the controller. You might even have to replace the tires every so often.

Building a remote-controlled car from a do-it-yourself kit can be both fun and educational. As you build your car, you begin to see how the different components fit and work together as a unit. If something should go wrong with the car, you will be more likely to be able to fix the problem, or at least be able to diagnose it so you can swap out the correct parts. Do-it-yourself cars are often high-quality cars built with high-quality components. You can switch out the components or even upgrade them so that you can customize your car to suit your preferences.

If you are just starting out with radio-controlled cars, you might want to stick with a ready-to-run car initially. Although you won’t get the hands-on knowledge and experience, you will be able to get to racing more quickly. Some RTR cars can even compete with kit cars.